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    Did you know there is a gap in funding to care for our children? For their very
    BASIC necessities, like meals, we have to fundraise over 50% of those costs
    to care for our children. A healthy dinner is just $1.25 per child, per day. Won’t
    you please help us provide these basic needs for our children and DONATE
    NOW? Even just $8.75 will feed a child for a week!

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  • Crossings at
    St. Jude's Ranch

    St. Jude’s Ranch Crossings is a supportive housing
    program for homeless 18 to 25 years old in the city of Las Vegas.

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  • Sibling bill of rights

    It recognizes and supports the sibling relationship
    of brothers and sisters living in foster care.

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  • Become a Forever family

    A permanent placement and a forever home is what
    we are hoping to achieve for our children.

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  • Recycled card program

    St. Jude’s Ranch for Children recycles your used greeting
    cards and creates new holiday and all-occasion greeting

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1. We operate high quality
therapeutic programs – 100%
compliance on all state reviews…

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To transform the lives of abused
and at-risk children, young adults
and families by empowering them
to create new chances …

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There are numerous ways you can help the children of St. Jude’s Ranch.
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