Visitors to Campus! (Blog update 09/14/16)

We have lots of visitors to our campus! There are some that just want to learn more about what we do here and how they can help our kids, like Quillin, Advertising, Public Relations and Social Media. They toured the Ranch on Friday to find out more about how we serve abused and neglected children here in Southern Nevada and discussed different ways to help us get the word out about St. Jude’s Ranch for Children.


Other companies want to come spend time with the children like the MDL Group. They came to campus to have fun with our children this weekend! They treated the kids to three-legged races, water balloons, temporary tattoos, a nailpolish station, pizza, nachos and lots more! Research says it takes 11 good memories to erase one bad memory and the MDL Group helped our children create new, happy memories!


Still others want to partner with us long term so they create a program where they are on campus helping our children on a regular basis. They selflessly dedicate their time and attention to our children and our children thrive because of it. Cirque du Monde comes on campus once a week to teach the children wonderful skills such as tightrope walking or juggling, and the kids love it!


Our MANY THANKS to EVERYONE who takes an interest in our children, our mission and how we can do it better! We appreciate you SO much! God bless you!