These Guys Worldwide Rocked Our Campus!

The incredibly talented acapella group “These Guys Worldwide” from Win-Win Entertainment usually play at The Paris, but not Saturday, Oct 21st!  They were right here on our campus spending the day entertaining our children with their amazing voices, slick dances moves and and inspirational words of wisdom!  They even brought the microphone out to the audience so the kids could participate! At the end of their performance they welcomed any questions and one of the questions was, “Why would you come all the way to Boulder City on your day off to entertain kids you don’t even know for FREE?” And they said because someone did the same thing for them when they were kids and even though there were lots of people who said they couldn’t live their dream, they were inspired by others who believed in them.  Thank you, These Guys Worldwide, for giving our children a fantastic, fun afternoon AND a great lesson for life: Believe in your dreams, always be kind and show love to one another!  Good stuff!